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Amartey Golding (2)

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"This idea of trauma and what trauma does the most damage.

Dr. Joy DeGruy explains it in such a basic way; that different people get traumatized by different things. We've all got different tolerances and contexts. For example, with the Romans and the Britons, it feels like it's one moment in time but then that has changed the landscape forever, it changed the dynamics. The traumas continue.

It's just adding a tool to the vocabulary of how we understand life, so that in certains circumstances, our past can be taken into account. It adds a bit more nuance. At the moment things are so polarized, and tribalized, culturally and I think it's really interesting when you have an idea, or a thought or conversation that make both sides equally comfortable.

That's a core of my practice in general, and this project. It asks, 'whos is able to broach these conversations?' I'm white and black. I'm a straight male. I'm extending that conversation past myself and giving space in a way that's not expected. I find that quite exciting as a framework as how conversations could be held. If you imagine that people offered things that they were more implicated in, rather that pointing at other issues outside of their control."

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C. est d'origine nigériane et aime aussi beaucoup Bristol. Il aime son cosmopolitisme et la gentillesse de ses habitant.e.s. Il habitait avant à Cardiff et il trouve que les gens ici sont plus "éduqué


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