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Stairs and Whispers - D/deaf and Disabled Poets Write Back

Dernière mise à jour : 7 janv. 2022

Découverte d'une magnifique anthologie de poèmes écrits par des poètes en situation de handicap et D/sourd.e.s et malentendant.e.s (je me rends compte que je ne connais pas la terminolgie adéquate en français et internet me donne plein de réponses différentes, je me renseigne dès que je rentre).

Certains poèmes ont des liens audio sur soundcloud, d'autres des liens videos en BSL et il y a aussi des descriptions pour les photos et illustrations.

shove ten pounds of sugar

in a seven pound bag Daniel Sluman

the poem is an artefact

made from words

& the space that exists

between & around the words

the spaces

are the negative of the words

part of a reciprocal

dialectic relationship

with the words

(without the spaces

there are no words)


i am human

the shape of my body

exists within space

there are gaps & absences

within & around my body

every human has a unique set

of absences created by their body

(without the absences

there is no body)


my absences

are perhaps more apparent

than other people's

i have an absence

where my left leg should be

as a reader / passer-by

you will notice the absence

of my left leg

the absence

will be more powerful

than if my leg was there

(shove ten pounds of sugar

in a seven-pound bag )


the absence forces you

to ascribe meaning to it

forces you to project

your own emotional /

intellectual self

within the absence

(mommy why has that man's leg

fallen off?)

i am a walking signifier


the page is a canvas



the poet reflects



on the page

each sapce is apt

each word is placed

like ice in water

as a crippled writer

you can put your body

into the poem`with all its faults



they'll dry like ink

from the dam notation

of your self


the disabled writer

turns the page

into a mirror

reflecting the reader's

own mortality their fears

nightmares the i couldn't live like that

we are on the fine end of a wedge

we can see aspects of societal behaviour

which they may not (wish to)

see themselves

a dead russian writer once said

that all good writing

is defamiliarisation

that all good writing

will get to the heart of an object / concept

(make the stone

stony again)

& turn it into art

disability defamiliarises life

forces you to question

could i do that?


bonecancer at 11

& the disarticulation af a limb

has been a blessing

i would thank in prayer

every day if i believed god

was listening because

i know all this

immediate noise & fizz

is bunk / nothing / zero

& i would not be who

i am now without

that wonderful magic trick

see his leg has disappeared!

a trick so real

no one stands to applaud

lien soundcloud:

Daniel Sluman is a 30-year-old poet and disability rights activist. He co-edited the award-winning disability anthology, Fit To Work: Poets against Atos, and was named one of Huffington Post's Top 5 British Poets to Watch in 2015. His second collection, the terrible, was published by Nine Arches Press last year, and he is currently preparing for a PhD at Birminghal City University.

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